Yoni Chetboun
Founder and CEO of Kanaf-Strategy.jhony2

Lieutenant colonel (res.), former member of Knesset, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
He holds a BA in government diplomacy and strategy with honors from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and received his MBA in the managers’ program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In the IDF he served as an officer and a commander in the elite Egoz unit. He was awarded the Chief of Staff’s medal for his actions in battle during the Second Lebanon War. Today he serves as an infantry battalion commander in the reserves.

Between the years 2013 and 2015, he was the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the Education Committee. During this time, along with his parliamentary work dealing with security and social improvement, he founded the “Neighborhood Forum” for the promotion of the status of the Israeli social periphery at the national and municipal governmental levels.

In his various roles, he gained valuable experience in the management and planning of wide-scope projects with government ministries, local authorities, companies and public institutions.

In 2011, he founded Kanaf Strategy. Initially, the company specialized in the analysis of information for its customers. Today, it plans and manages projects with the goal of promoting the most efficient and relevant strategy that matches the goals of the client.

Chetboun is a sought after lecturer at public institutions and businesses on the topic of decision making in extraordinary circumstances. His book, “Under Fire” was published by Yediot Books (June 2016) and sold thousands of copies. More Hebrew editions are being printed in addition to new versions being released in English and French.

Phone: +972-72-3937186

משרד: 072-3937186